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Our oysters are farm-raised in cages on the banks of the Severn River; this unique method gives the oysters a deep, robust shell and a consistent shape, size, and taste; it also allows us to provide you quality offerings year-round.

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Why we exist

We started this company with the goal of producing the absolute best oysters possible. And to be able to do so, while also having a positive impact on our beloved Chesapeake Bay, well that was an opportunity we just couldn't pass up!

Annapolis Oyster Company

What We’re Offering


Named after the Chesapeake Bay's historic skipjack fleet that harvests oysters under sail, these are our smallest offering and are a perfect, plump cocktail size (2"). Serve cold on the half-shell with your favorite garnish for a quintessential Chesapeake experience!

MIDS (3")

This wouldn't be an Annapolitan company without a reference to the Naval Academy! Our midsize offering, these oysters are raised from plebes to market size (3") and are perfect for grilling or on the half-shell.


Named after the point of land off which our sea farm resides (Priest Point), these oysters take after their namesake as mature and hearty. These are our largest offering at a prime size (4") and are perfect for baking or soups.

SEED (< 1")

Are you a recreational oyster grower, non-profit, or educator who would like some seed (baby oysters) to raise? It's a great research and awareness opportunity! Give us a call to chat about your project today!

Severn Sea Farm

Mariculture on the Severn River

Our Sea Farm

Lovingly known to us as our Severn Sea Farm, we’re located on the banks of the Severn River near the mouth of Weems Creek, approximately 3 miles from the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay

Oysters In Inventory


those we consider like family

Our Customers

For our customers we grow the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) - also called the Atlantic oyster, American oyster, or East Coast oyster – a species native to eastern North America.

We offer three main brands (Priest Points, Mids, Skippies), but can grow oysters to just the right size, from two to four inches, depending on your preferences.

Our oysters are a product of their environment; owing to the brackish ecosystem of the Severn River, they have a balanced taste with a mild salinity and subtle sweetness.

Our harvesting, packaging, and distribution process ensures our product remains at the perfect temperature for maintaining flavor and safety, and allows us to offer oysters year-round.